Dear Continental Sisters, 

Although it has been a year of personal challenges and divine disruptions, it has been my privilege to have continued serving as your Southeastern Regional Director, and I look forward to completing my final year. Since March 2020, as a nation, we have faced an unprecedented time in history with the COVID-19 pandemic, and variants. This pandemic has resulted in mass sickness, tragic loss of life for thousands and changed the course of our lives with social distancing and safety precautionary measures still encouraged. As a national organization, there have been changes that affected our ability to fully serve children and in person meetings. 

In spite of the challenges, I am extremely proud of the Southeastern Region for celebrating its 42nd anniversary and for your commitment to serving children and embracing sisterly virtues. Special thanks to the outstanding Board of Directors (officers and committee chairs), Chapter Presidents and officers who served tirelessly with zeal and dedication. Thanks to all members for their commitment and service. 

We applaud the Columbus, GA chapter for being an excellent host for the Southeastern Region virtual meeting. This year, Tuskegee and Montgomery chapters were recognized for fifty years of service. 

Summary of accomplishments: Data provided by Carla Thompson, 1st Vice Regional Director 

The eleven chapters devoted 75,674 hours in service to children, spent 33,020 volunteer hours, contributed 965,821 total in-kind hours, awarded $39,105 in scholarships, participated in the Good Health Wins initiative monthly 

Report provided by Mattie Williams, 2nd Vice Regional Director 

We are excited to welcome 15 new members (thanks to College Park East Point chapter, Columbus, LaGrange, Newnan) and 8 reinstated/reclaimed members (thanks to Greater Miami, LaGrange, North Dade Broward), We are proud of our total 236 members!! Sisterly virtues were implements and certificates awarded to chapters: College Park East Point, Greater Miami, Jacksonville, LaGrange, Newnan, and North Dade Broward. New membership pins were designed in recognition of years of service. Thanks to committee members: Mattie Williams, Connie Dacus & Vassie Green. 

Report from Treasurer, Tara Sorrell and Financial Secretary, Deana Beauford 

Chapters participated in training for completing the 990 IRS form and submitted them timely. 

We are optimistic that as we accept our “new norm”, we will find new and creative ways to serve children, communicate with each other and stay connected as a region. We will continue 

with this year’s theme: “Connect, Build, Serve & Grow”.

With your continued help and support, together we will continue to serve children, build stronger sister relations and grow our region. Thanks to the following chapters for new member intake for this year: Atlanta, Jacksonville, LaGrange, and Newnan. Our goals are to: maintain safety and protective practices, stay connected by communicating effectively, adhere to national initiatives, abide by national governing documents, provide regional Policies & Procedures manual, continue to serve children in new and creative ways, increase membership from 236 to 250 members, show appreciation to members, award membership pins, and adopt theme song” “Every Child” by our beloved sister, late Brenda Alford. 

Blessings to all as you continue to connect, build, serve and grow. 


Beverly McCray, ED.D. 

Southeastern Region Director