Welcome Continentals of the “Sensational” Southeastern Region!

Innovate, Energize, Empower”
Maximum service…

I look forward with genuine pleasure and honor to greet you as your 2017-2019 Regional Director. My goal, as the new Regional Director, shall be to encourage the sharing of innovative ideas intended to help re-energize our chapters and to rejuvenate and empower our sisterhood for greater service.

Most important to this administration shall be adhering to and honoring the mission and purpose of our organization by cultivating a strong sense of commitment to serving children, and promoting and maintaining the high ideals of the organization.

Indeed, as Continentals, our primary work is accountability for programs of service geared to the needs of underserved children. As we seek to fulfill our mission, I implore you to consider exploring innovative ideas to share, aid and extend services to other needy persons in your service community.

Remember, the destiny that makes us sisters, also sends back into our lives, what we send forth into our universe. Let’s stay on the high road, maintaining our high ideals!

Thank you, Sisters, for being a part of this journey.

Respectfully and In Peace,
Terry A. Maxwell