Dr. Beverly McCray, Ed.D.

Dear Continental Sisters,

It is my signal honor to serve as your Southeastern Regional Director. The past few months has been rewarding as we have established our Executive leadership team, transitioned into our roles, established monthly meetings, developed an annual calendar with activities, and adhered to national requirements. Thank you for the support that I have received. I am reminded of a quote: “Real Queens Fix each other crowns.”

During this time, like never before, we need women “villagers” to help our children and strong women who will embrace sisterhood. The birth of our civilization and history reveals that women played a vital role in the strength of our communities. With that in mind, our 2019-2021, mission is to increase in serving children, particularly underserved children and embrace sisterhood!  Goals are to Build, Serve and Grow!

  • Stronger sisterhood relationships thru more open communication
  • Stronger and sustainable community partnerships
  • Increase service to children
  • Increase participation in H.E.E. R. plus Arts & Humanities
  • Increase membership; greater knowledge our organization
  • Create a more sustainable financial future

 In order to fulfill our mission and achieve our goals, we must communicate effectively. Several avenues for more effective communication has been established. I am encouraged by the enthusiasm and commitment by the elected and appointed officers, committees and members. With confidence and enthusiasm, I look forward to serving with you to achieve our goals.


Beverly McCray, Ed.D.

Southeastern Regional Director

“The people who achieve their goals, are simply the ones who refuse to give up and put in the work.” –GymQuotes.com