Mission Statement: To create environments within our communities that empower children to have access to quality and appropriate opportunities to reach their optimal potential.

Five-Point Programmatic Thrust: Health, Education, Employment, Recreation plus the Arts and Humanities (HEER plus the Arts and Humanities)

Health – Continental programs may include health fairs, medical screenings, lifestyle workshops, fitness and nutrition awareness sessions to name a few. The Continentals’ signature health program, Bright Smiles, Bright Futures, is provided in partnership with, Colgate- Palmolive.

Education – Activities are designed to assist children improve their academic performance and enhance their enjoyment of learning. A sample of educational programs are tutoring, scholarship awards, cultural awareness training, mentoring, reading support programs, puppet shows, donations of books and educational supplies, etiquette and leadership academies, and school partnerships.

Employment – Focuses on career awareness and career development support. These projects may focus on employability training with skills development, career fairs, internships, summer employment placement and support, and job placement.

Recreation – Services focus on healthy, safe, and active leisure-time activities. Programs, projects and activities

may include walk-a-thons, skating, bowling, spectator sports, as well as individual and team sports.

Arts and Humanities – Provides students with wholesome recreational and educational entertainment.

Activities in this area include theater outings to plays, musicals, and other performances. Students also enjoy workshop training sessions inviting interest and talent development. Our Children, Our Commitment, Our Concern